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Estate Planning

Do you know what estate planning entails?

Here at Aughey’s, we can make the process smooth, which can be otherwise time-consuming and complex.

What is estate planning?

Your estate comprises everything you own; your house, car, bank accounts, investments, business and personal possessions. An effective estate plan protects the people you care about most. Aughey's services strive to maximise value and minimise taxes. Our estate planning accountants help you plan the distribution and management of your assets after you pass away. We create a tailored estate plan aligned with your wishes, desires, capabilities, and possessions.

As an advisor familiar with your business, assets and financial affairs, Aughey's is in a great position to guide you through tax considerations.

We can address questions like:

  • Is your wealth protected from relationship separations, creditors, or potential challenges to your estate?
  • Should you utilise trusts for asset protection and tax effectiveness?
  • How do you ensure your SMSF forms part of your estate?
  • Are your assets, business and life insurance structured tax effectively?
  • Do you need a 'buy-sell agreement' with your business partner to ensure your business continues?
  • Who owns your home or other significant assets, and how does this affect your will?

Some of the estate planning services Aughey’s provides:

  • Referral to update your will
  • Superannuation funds
  • Trusts
  • Insurance
  • Power of attorney arrangements
  • Guardianship arrangements
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